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“Love working with these guys. Gives ‘sweat capital’ an entirely new meaning, going to all lengths around the world to get us what we need.”

Akash Nigam, Co-founder & CEO of Blend

“SparkLabs team was extremely value-add - they provided strategic advice, brokered relationships, and was 100% committed to supporting us in building our company. They opened more doors for us than any other investor. SparkLabs is an extension of your team. I would work with them in a heartbeat.”

Somrat Niyogi, Co-founder & CEO of Stitch (acquired by SugarCRM)

“YJ and I, along with the entire team at KnowRe are ecstatic to be a part of the SparkLabs family, beginning from our days in the accelerator. As an investor and mentor, SparkLabs brings a partnership that truly embodies the characteristics of a family - being involved, bringing to bear ALL of one's resources, a genuine concern for someone that goes far beyond self-interest. This type of partnership invariably leads to a deep trust. As entrepreneurs turned investors, SparkLabs has a distinct understanding of both tectonic shifts in industry and the needs of, say a junior marketing employee. This unique vertical acumen is extremely valuable and a critical component to growth.”

David Joo, Co-founder & Co-CEO of KnowRe

“SparkLabs is an amazing team of investors. The partners are experienced operators from around the globe who have helped us with not only key business issues, but also bouncing new ideas. Everyone is intelligent and charismatic, so it's easy to see why the fund has such an expansive network of founders, senior executives, and advisors who are always there to help. If you're a founder who cares about scale, international expansion, or just adding an awesome extension to your team - SparkLabs is your fund.”

Cathy Han, Co-founder & CEO of 42 (YC W14)

“SparkLabs has been an amazing partner for us - they set the bar high, but have helped us every step of the way. Not only has the SparkLabs team provided market-vetted advice and feedback, but they’ve been out front in making key introductions and resources. Iodine is proud to be part of the SparkLabs clan.”

Thomas Goetz, Co-founder & CEO of Iodine

“The partners at SparkLabs are amazing people and have been a motivating force since the early days of Petnet. They are forward thinking in the way they think about the internet of things and how it will shape they way people shop for consumables. They have an expansive global network of executives, advisors, and investors who are ready to help in any form necessary. SparkLabs is an essential team member for companies who are looking to expand their brand globally.”

Carlos Herrera, Co-founder & CEO of Petnet

“Suffice it to say that SparkLabs has played a significant role in the Squirrel story! Heck, they were even involved before we became known as Squirrel! SparkLabs has taken on the role of investor, mentor, facilitator, talent source, sounding board and all-round supporter of everything Squirrel as of day 1. Their commitment to our success has come through in every interaction with the outspoken Frank Meehan and team at SparkLabs, and they've been a great partner on our amazing journey so far. I look forward to continuing to see that partnership flourish as they help us work towards making financial freedom a reality in the UK and beyond!”

Mutaz Qubbaj, Co-founder & CEO of Squirrel

“MangoPlate exists today due to the amazing advice and guidance we received from SparkLabs Global Ventures. They are entrepreneurs themselves so they provide extremely practical and realistic guidance. We fully trust that they will always provide guidance from the entrepreneurial perspective, thus we continue to seek their advice regarding all aspects of MangoPlate from vision, HR, operations and to funding. Their team has been nothing short of amazing for MangoPlate and we are so blessed to be a part of the SparkLabs family.”

Joon Oh, Co-founder & Co-CEO of MangoPlate

“The partners at SparkLabs are connected. Globally. They have unmatched entrepreneurial hustle and are raising the bar for value-add from an investor.”

Scott Saunders, Co-founder & CEO of Payoff

“The team at SparkLabs have struck a read chord with everyone here at Soundwave due to the fact that, first and foremost, they are all entrepreneurs. We've really enjoyed tapping into their experience as we navigate our way through building and scaling Soundwave. It's reassuring to know that they are always on the other end of the phone, email, sms, IM or Skype!”

Brendan O’Driscoll, Co-founder & CEO of Soundwave

“Code Kingdoms is delighted to part of the SparkLabs family. The partners understand entrepreneurs because they are entrepreneurs themselves - the guidance and support provide is always insightful, relevant and timely. Having SparkLabs as an investor has been a significant contributor to the growth of our company and also provided immense learning opportunities from fellow portfolio companies and wider network.”

Ross Targett, Co-founder & CEO of Code Kingdoms

“SparkLabs' passion for Memebox inspired us to go global and expand to Silicon Valley. Their support was felt every step of the way as we launched the Silicon Valley office and graduated from Y Combinator. Since their involvement we've successfully closed both a Series A and B funding round, within a year. It has been a rewarding experience having SparkLabs Global Ventures as our investor and partner as we continue to share our products with the global audience.”

Dino Ha, Co-founder & Co-CEO of Memebox (YC W14)