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WayWearable, a ‘beauty-appliance’ company based in Seoul, Korea, has created the first total personal skincare companion that fits in your purse. The WAY device is the size of a compact powder case, but includes an array of advanced biometric and environmental sensors that it uses to make personalized skincare recommendations through its companion app. Developed in close consultation with a dermatologist, WAY helps people make smarter skincare decisions that last a lifetime.

We recently joined Sparklabs, one of Asia’s top business accelerators, to bring their unique technology product to market and have kicked off an Indiegogo campaign to fund production. Our Vision - WayWearble is dedicated to improving the lives of women, by helping them more effectively manage their skin care routine, and ultimately improve health and well-being. While WAY is a first step, the company has ambitions to continue developing innovative new products that harness advances in technology, with a particular focus on the women’s health and beauty industry. In the future WayWearable will continue to develop their solutions for making more targeted and accurate suggestions of specific products that address the unique skin concerns of women, while providing deeper, personal insights into maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Status:  Current

Sector(s):  IoT, Beauty

Geography:  Seoul, Korea

Other Investors:  SparkLabs Accelerator, Albatross Investment, Amorepacific Ventures, Bokwang Investment, Dream Plus, Hanwha Investment Corp, KOISRA Seed Partners


Jason Moon
Founder & CEO

Gana Ho
Founder & Doctor

Harry Kim
Founder & CTO