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Timecast is a mobile content development and service company based in Korea. They aim to create a new mobile ecosystem by changing user interactions with their innovative engagement methods and technology. From e-books, toy apps, and mobile apps, Timecast develops differentiated multiple mobile entertainment apps in diverse genres. Some of their apps such as ‘Monster Squad,’ ‘Shadow move,’ ‘iSword,’ and ‘Bean Book’ are achieving highly acclaimed reviews and user numbers globally.

Based in Seoul, Korea, Timecast was founded in 2010 by Daniel Choi – formerly associated with Nexon which is the leading online gaming company in Korea. Timecast plans to provide fun and innovative engagement in the market by valuing creativity and excellent sensibility.

Status:  Current

Sector(s):  Mobile Entertainment

Geography:  Seoul, Korea

Other Investors:  4:33, IHQ


Daniel Choi
Founder & CEO

Jeongsik Jeon

Hozo Kwon

Jinho Choi
Contents Director