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At the Orange Company we are making the kitchen a place of confidence and discovery. We’re creating a smart ecosystem for the kitchen made up of quality products built with an emphasis on simple design, maintaining the craft of cooking, and using local and sustainable materials. We strive to give our customers the tools to understand and navigate their nutritional, culinary and spoon-licking lives. Whether you’re a cupcake baker, a kimchi pickler, a quinoa connoisseur, or a leftover-reheater— whoever you are, whatever you’re eating, we’re here to connect you to your food.

Our latest product is Prep Pad - the heavy weight of smart food scales. Made with our signature recycled paper composite top and unibody aluminum base, Prep Pad is thin, strong and designed to live in your kitchen. Pushing Prep Pad’s single button connects it wirelessly and automatically to it’s partner app, Countertop–almost like magic.

Status:  Current

Sector(s):  Internet of Everything / Devices

Geography:  San Francisco, CA, USA

Other Investors:  Google Ventures, Social + Capital, Bertelsmann Digital Media
Investments, Kima Ventures, NEA, Tekton Ventures, and Kai Huang


Santiago Merea
Founder and CEO instead

Michael Tankenoff
Head of Marketing
and Communications

Taimoor Dar
Head of Customer

Ankit Brahmbhatt
Head of Product