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Stitch helps salespeople close more deals and be more responsive. We are building the best mobile-first, sales productivity platform. Our first product is a mobile email application for salespeople. With Stitch, salespeople can communicate faster by having the right information, insights, and tools at their fingertips.

In today’s highly competitive world, we believe it’s not only possible, it’s essential, to be as effective and responsive on the go as when sitting in front of a desk. In sales, being responsive means delivering immediate and complete answers to prospects’ questions. We enable salespeople to respond NOW, not later, to every mobile email.

Located in San Francisco, CA, Stitch was founded in 2013 by Somrat Niyogi, Wiebke Poerschke, and Jason McDowall - all formerly at

Sector(s):  Sales Enablement, Mobile Service & Applications

Geography:  San Francisco, CA, USA

Other Investors:  Google Ventures, SoftTech, Freestyle Capital, Foundation Capital, Tekton Ventures


Acquired by  SugarCRM

Somrat Niyogi

Wiebke Poerschke

Jason McDowall