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KnowRe is an educational technology company with an adaptive mathematics curriculum. KnowRe’s patented technology assesses an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, personalizes a curriculum for each student’s focus areas and engages students through gamified features, attractive graphics and social learning. KnowRe believes in the importance of a good education, the need for personalization in our educational system and that technology is the most effective tool to help bring about these goals.

KnowRe was named winner of “Best Instructional App” in the NYC Schools 2013 Gap App Challenge and was Grand Prize winner of Google’s Global K-Startup. It was also listed in Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies 2014 series as one of "The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Education."

Status:  Current

Sector(s):  Education Tech

Geography:  New York, NY, USA (HQ) & Seoul, South Korea

Other Investors:  SoftBank Ventures Korea


Yong Jae Kim
Co-founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer

David Joo
Co-founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer

Seojoon Kim
Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

Gloria Lee
Director of Marketing