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Gust Pay is a Stellenbosch-based app that facilitates mobile commerce to provide a better mobile payment experience for its users. It assists smart mobile payments, location services, point of sale, event intelligence, and tech report by using the flexibility and efficiency of the iPhone and android.

Gust Pay’s smart mobile payments allow users to download the app and pay with their names, two taps, and a swipe. The location services feature allows people to find and navigate to nearby merchants as it offers a 2D map view and an augmented reality view in the iOS version. Gust event intelligence offers a full-featured cashless events service which is designed to offer a greater user experience by combining NFC wristbands with smart phone apps.

Status:  Current

Sector(s):  FinTech

Geography:  London, UK

Other Investors:  Barclays Accelerator


Joe Botha