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Godesic's Cutover solution enables large, diverse teams to plan, rehearse and execute complex events. It safeguards enterprise release management, incident management and disaster recovery activities. Godesic team have often seen a deficiency in the last phase of a project, when teams start to think about the launch date. As consultants they have met these challenges by throwing great people at the problem to structure, plan, rehearse and manage the launch activities. Cutover integrates super-simple planning, rehearsal and execution with real-time communications in a controlled, ‘black-box’ environment. Cutover mitigates risk and brings collective accountability and transparency to complex business events.

Status:  Current

Sector(s):  FinTech

Geography:  London, UK

Other Investors:  Barclays Accelerator, Techstars, Tekton Ventures


Ky Nichol

Marcus Wildsmith

Richard Bell

Kieran Gutteridge

Craig Gregory
Head of Customer Support
& IT Operations