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Castle makes it easy for any online business to prevent fraudulent users from logging in to their service.The very second someone starts behaving suspiciously or tries to log in with a stolen password, the administrators get alerted and the high-risk account is automatically locked down.

Every user that comes to the site is scored according to Castle’s machine learning algorithms which look at unique device characteristics, keystrokes, site browsing history, and hundreds of other properties. The developer can then choose what to do with the information, whether they’d like to send a notification to the user, or immediately lock the account and force a password reset. Or if they want Castle to do all of that automatically for them.

Status:  Current

Sector(s):  Security, SaaS

Geography:  Malmö, Sweden

Other Investors:  Henrik Torstenson, Hampus Jakobsson


Johan Brissmyr
CEO & Co-Founder

Sebastian Wallin
CTO & Co-Founder