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Squirrel is a financial wellbeing platform that helps people regain control of their finances and achieve financial peace of mind. We work in partnership with public and private sector institutions to offer practical and intuitive income-backed tools for budgeting, saving and financial planning.

Squirrel works in 4 ways:

1) We improve financial resilience by enabling and encouraging customers to build an emergency buffer and save for long-term financial goals directly from payroll.

2) We make budgeting more effective by settling monthly bill payments directly from payroll and negotiating the best deals across service providers for each of those bills.

3) To help our clients budget more effectively, we stagger disposable income into manageable instalments over the course of the month.

4) We cater for emergencies by occasionally allowing early access to accrued income, providing an affordable alternative to expensive short-term credit such as overdrafts and payday loans.

In short, we aim to make financial freedom simple.

Status:  Current

Sector(s):  Fintech

Geography:  London, UK


Mutaz Qubbaj

Emanuel Andjelic