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Payoff is a next generation financial services company, designing products that help people pay off their credit cards faster and save money. Through a combination of understanding who people are and what motivates them with our unwavering desire to see customers succeed, we are committed to the mission of restoring humanity to financial services.

The Payoff Loan™ was designed by people just like you, with your best interest in mind. Our loans are designed expressly for the purpose of helping customers pay off high interest rate credit cards faster, easier, and cheaper.

Headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, we have a team of thoughtful, passionate people who come to work every day and build the most transparent and empowering financial products.

Status:  Current

Sector(s):  FinTech

Geography:  Costa Mesa, CA

Other Investors:  Mohamed El-Erian (former PIMCO CEO), FirstMark Capital, Anthemis Group

Website:  http://www.payoff.com

Scott Saunders
Founder & CEO

Galen Buckwalter
Chief Scientist

Carey Ransom

Lenny Moon

Adam Zarlengo
VP, Product Development