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LiquidLandscape Notebook is a collaborative data-driven document, designed to quickly and interactively explore, publish, present, and track big data analysis of complex relationships in messy, real-world data. LL Notebook was designed with an intense focus on collaboration and communication in order to quickly move from reproducible research, to timely action, to tracking and analyzing the results of those actions within a single document.

LL Notebook was originally designed as a next-gen big data tool for the financial industry, where both of the co-founders began their quantitative careers. The company graduated from the Barclays-Techstars Fintech Accelerator in London in 2015.

Status:  Current

Sector(s):  Fintech

Geography:  San Francisco, CA

Other Investors:  Barclays Accelerator, Techstars

Website:  http://getliquidlandscape.com/

Margit Zwemer
Founder & CEO

David Lin
Founder & CTO