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Cryex believes in the positive impact an open source value transferal protocol has on the long term development of our connected society. Their key conclusion is that we are at the verge of merging the Internet of Everything with digital money once an infrastructure and market structure supports the management of liquidity flows.

Cryex uses their in-depth knowledge to build an efficient marketplace and settlement structure, providing the tipping point that allows for pooling of global liquidity into one order book, transferal of risk, fair price discovery, the transferal of liquidity and the facilitation of international trade.

Status:  Current

Sector(s):  Fintech

Geography:  Stockholm, Sweden

Other Investors:  White Star Capital, President of ICE Swap desk,
Head of Global FX at JP Morgan, Chairman of the Channel Island Exchange.


Scott Millar
Founder & CEO

Klas Hesselman