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Pornhub cast a chatbot on the Blend chatbot platform
VentureBeat, Nov 17, 2016

Porn site operator Pornhub has moved into the steamy bot scene with its own Aria chatbot that will keep you up to speed on the latest in porn news.

Pornhub cast its zany Aria character, which has been around for two years, as a chatbot on the Blend chatbot platform, which has launched its applications programming interface for novice and professional developers to create their own Genie chatbots.

The Pornhub Aria Genie will aggregate Pornhub news and provide users with real-time notifications about the adult entertainment company’s happenings. It’s a nice moment for San Francisco-based Blend, which launched its Genie Store in mid-October. Since that time, Genie chatbots have held more than 2 million conversations with 300,000 new users. Pornhub is an ad-supported adult video streaming website with 3 million videos and more than 60 million visitors a day. It has a membership of 4 million people.

Corey Price, vice president at Pornhub, said that Pornhub Aria has been the face and voice of the brand for more than two years now.

“Aria is about as charismatic as they come,” he said. “She provides her followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat with updates on the happenings of Pornhub, including new initiatives and campaigns, along with her own takes on everything from the Kardashians to Kermit memes to McDonalds menu items. Our millennial maven’s humor is imbued with sarcasm, and she rarely holds back on her thoughts. Essentially, she’s the SFW personality for the NSFW adult entertainment platform that is Pornhub.”

Blend has released over 100 fully customized Genies with a 30-person team. Since launching Genies, Blend has consistently ranked and remains on the top 200 charts for both Apple’s social networking chart and Google Play’s photography chart.

“Genies represent the future of chatbots tailored to millennials,” said Akash Nigam, CEO of Blend, in a statement. “Since the release of the Genie Store, our overall engagement has more than doubled. We’re excited to tap into the creativity of developers and allow them to design Genies that will actually reach mainstream users, versus the insulated tech community. We’re also proud to announce the launch of the Pornhub Aria Genie, which is the first bot built through Blend’s open API. It highlights our against-the-grain approach to developing consumer technology, unlike some of the other major players in the chatbot race.”

PornHub’s Genie on Blend will mimic social media personality, Pornhub Aria, and aggregate all Pornhub news coverage. The chatbot will also allow users to select their favorite pornstar and receive real-time notifications when a new video featuring that individual is uploaded to Pornhub or RedTube. Aria won’t send anything directly from Pornhub.com. Instead, Blend’s viral throttler will monitor various Twitter accounts and send content from those accounts when they are updated. The intent is to capture viral news as quickly as possible.

Genies are powered by Blend’s “Viral Throttler,” a robust mechanism that detects viral content before it goes viral, ensuring users always receive the freshest news, updates, and posts. Genies currently encompass public figures, news publications, sports teams, colleges, and brands.

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