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Brewbot starts shipping smart beer systems to US and Europe
The Irish Times, Feb 18, 2016

Brewbot: smart beer brewing systems

Brewbot has begun shipping its first smart beer brewing systems to customers in the US and Europe, and says it is looking at opening a US office. About 100 of the brewing robots, which are controlled via a smartphone, are on the way to customers in the US, Britain and Ireland.

Having won over Github, Square and Uber with the technology, cofounder Johnny Campbell says the hunt has begun for an office in San Francisco. The devices are currently made by hand in Belfast, with preorders opened periodically

Brewbot is also planning a more DIY project that will allow home brewers to build their own brewing robot at home, cutting costs and allowing for a more custom build.

“There’s a big opportunity there,” Campbell says, adding that it is hoped to have the new product available early in the summer.

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